Why a Blog?

Hello and welcome. This will be the first entry in the online blog for Thai Siam. You may be wondering, “why a blog”? Well, that’s a good question. To answer that question, let’s start off with a story of how this idea come about (to create a blog).

This idea actually all started from a conversation with one of our regulars. We’ll keep her real name private to respect her privacy. But let’s call her Mary so we can continue on with our story shall we? Mary joins us for dinner all the time on Fridays.

One of her favorites on our menu is the egg rolls (Thai egg rolls). She asked how they were made and if I was willing to share some info with her. I told her, sure why not. She can always try to make some at home when she can’t make it over to the restaurant. So got to talking and she eventually suggested I start a blog to help “market” our wonderful little restaurant.

delicious thai dishes

I thought her idea was wonderful. With a blog, I can share some recipes (along with the recipe for the egg rolls I shared with her that day) with current and future customers.

They would be able to enjoy some delicious Thai food at home…and on those days where they are just either a little short on time, or would rather prefer the ones made by us instead, they could come on down to the restaurant instead. It would would be a win-win for customers and for us as well.

With that said, please stay tune as I update the blog with various recipes for Thai dishes. I might share a few related thoughts as well.